The next concert in Warsaw


On the 1st of March we will play in Warsaw (Mechanik club), we'll be very glad to see all of you!

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Panke Shava in DOM pub


Panke Shava in DOM pub

Kyiv, February'23, 2013

More photo: (Oleksandr Ratushnyak)

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Kvadrat U TV show

PanKe Shava in Kvadrat U TV show today at 4-30 pm and 9-30 pm.

Watch online:

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Sumy concert ends with broken fingerboard

The big concert in Sumy has ended with traditionally beaten microphone and the broken fingerboard of Telesaster Fender Deluxe.

Tim promised to come back and said in the interview for Sumy TV that the next time would bring a cheaper guitar for branded "special effects". 

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The summary of Poltava concert


Poltava, thank you!!!

It was just amazing!

Articles about PanKe Shava: (here you can also find video from press conference)

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PanKe Shava performance in DOM pub


The last chance to see PanKe Shava this winter in Kyiv!!!

On the 23rd of February in the city center on the best sound and totally free!!! 

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The next concerts of PanKe Shava

We've already played in Poland successfully, now we are in Ukraine for not so long )

KYIV - Poltava - Sumy - Kharkiv - KYIV!!!

And on the 1st of March again to Poland.

Watch our posters and wait for photoreports!

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Day of PanKe Shava in Poltava


There will be many surprises, live broadcasting and concert recording!

Lets wake up together at 8-15 am in Ranok na Ltavi morning TV show, listen to us since 2-15 pm on Vasha hvylya radio and at 4-00 pm on the regional radio.

At 3-30 pm online press conference will be held in the room of News of Poltava agency.

And finally lets drive with us at 8-00 pm in Villa Crocodila!!!

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Maydan - 15!


P.S. MayDan 15 !!!
Total succed!

Photo: (Oleksandr Ratushnyak) (Maydan page) (page of our friends Koralli band)


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PanKe Shava and Koralli will congratulate Maydan club


On January'24 PanKe Shava and Koralli will congratulate Maydan club (Lutsk) !

It will be loud, it will be show and somersault!!! Three somersaults! Just Rock'n'Love!!!

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