PanKe Shava has played at Rock'n'Sich festival. Well done!

Some photo:

Video: Vaikuntha

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Stare Misto Festival preparty

PanKe Shava have passed the final contest for Stare Misto festival!

Preparty will take place in Dyvan club, free entrance.

PanKe Shava is playing on June'2 at 8-00 pm, the winner proclaiming at 10-00 pm.


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PanKe Shava open Rock'n'Sich


PanKe Shava open Rock'n'Sich festival.

June'30 at 12:30 pm. 

Don't miss!

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Greetings from France


We are already at home, have our greetings from Montpellier)

More photo from France: 

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PanKe Shava songs participate in 2 online contests:

1. TheBestCity.UA festival 

2. Stare Misto Rock Festival

We ask our friends, fans and everyone concerned to support us!

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Performances in France soon

Today we are going to Poland and then we will have few performances in France during Bataille des Nations festival.

May'9-10 in Montpellier and May'13 in Marseille.

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Hear the world action


On April'27 PanKe Shava had a performance as part of Ukrainian action "Hear the world", aiming to raise funds and purchase medical equipment for young children with hearing disabilities.

Interview with Tim after the performance about the cooperation with TNMK band:

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PanKe Shava in Dyvan club


On March'9 PanKe Shava had a performance in Dyvan club in Kyiv.

To understand how funny it was, one need to see our photos ) (Oleksandr Ratushnyak)

And also we have such a bright review:

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The first spring concert in Ukraine


The first spring concert in Ukraine!

P.S. We came back to put an ellipsis...

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The film about the life of PanKe Shava musicians

The short story about PanKe Shava life during P.S. Love Tour 2013, notably during the performance in Poltava.

Date: 01.03.2013 | Views:

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