We'll go for a walk in Vienna

PanKe Shava - We'll go for a walk in Vienna
A song dedicated to russian people who support Ukraine.
No russians were harmed during the filming

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Woodstock Ukraine 2014

Thank you, Woodstock!

Only for you PanKe Shava performed with polish and ukrainian staff on one stage.

You were incredible!

More photo:

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PanKe Shava, czyli Władca słonecznych promieni – an interview with Tim Morokhovets

PanKe Shava, czyli Władca słonecznych promieni – an interview with Tim Morokhovets on the famous Polish portal:

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M1 broadcast

PanKe Shava morning broadcast on M1 Music channel!

Laconically about Woodstock Ukraine festival and sincerely about the events in Ukraine.

If you have missed - watch!

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Guten Morgen - July,2

On Wednesday, July, 2 wake up with Tim in Guten Morgen show on M1 music channel!
Get to know many interesting details about Woodstock Ukraine‬ and not only ;)

Start at 7:20 am! (GMT +02:00)

You can watch online, for example, here:

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Wielki Ogień

PanKe Shava are qualified for the Contest of Young Performers, as part of the VIII edition of the event „Wielki Ogień” (Poland).


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Invitation to Woodstock Ukraine

Wild Pig, Juan Carlos Cano (Enclose) and Timo from PanKe Shava invite to Woodstock Ukraine 2014

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Złoty Bączek - final round

Why is Tim so happy?
Because PanKe Shava is a footstep away from the victory in Złoty Bączek competition!

PanKe Shava came to the final and everybody got a new chance to support us! Even if you voted a week ago, now you can do it again. Please make the dream to play at the big stage of the biggest festival Przystanek Woodstock come true:

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PanKe Shava at Woodstock Ukraine 2014

PanKe Shava is playing at the best festival of this summer!
Don't miss!

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Złoty Bączek - 2nd round

Dear friends, with your help PanKe Shava got to the second round of Złoty Bączek competition!

The victory and a right to perform on the main stage of the biggest Polish festival Przystanek Woodstock is so close. We just need your votes again:
Rely on you as everything depends only on you!

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