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Date: 11.12.2014 | Views:

PanKe Shava on Khmelnytsky radio

Recent radio broadcast with PanKe Shava on Khmelnytsky radio.

New songs included!

Date: 26.11.2014 | Views:

Tim for Volyn news

An interview with Tim in a well-known Ukrainian media Volyn news.

Date: 17.11.2014 | Views:

Fresh photos from the last concerts!

Timo Unplugged in Khmelnytsky -

Timo Unplugged in Lutsk

Date: 14.11.2014 | Views:

Broadcast with PanKe Shava in Lutsk

Broadcast with PanKe Shava in Lutsk.
New songs presented live especially for You!

Date: 11.11.2014 | Views:

Timo Mantra Jam Session in Lublin

Date: 07.11.2014 | Views:

TIMO (PanKe Shava) Unplugged in Lutsk 8/11/2014

Date: 04.11.2014 | Views:

TIMO (PanKe Shava) Unplugged in Khmelnytsky 7/11/2014

Those who cannot come to Khmelnytsky, just turn on the radio at 3.00 pm (GMT +0200) 

Date: 03.11.2014 | Views:

PanKe Shava and Death by Cholocate played jam-session in the centre of Lviv

Date: 24.10.2014 | Views:

CD with the songs from EuroMaidan

PanKe Shava on an official CD with the songs from EuroMaidan. Just released!

Date: 27.09.2014 | Views:

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