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PanKe Shava web site is the winner of the contest “Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of”!

Many thanks to our designer Andriy Bocharov.

Read more here: http://www.design-awards.com.ua/ua/winner_one/1592/

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Złoty Bączek contest

PanKe Shava

PanKe Shava is nominated to win «Złoty Bączek» and perform on the main stage of Przystanek Woodstock-2014!!!

Voting is here: 


Hoping for your support!

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Concerts on Maydan Nezalezhnosti

Scoda drive

Made 4 performances on Maydan Nezalezhnosti in 2 days.

All guitar strings torn, all the best songs played,

many new fans received and autographs given.

Photo: https://www.facebook.com/ (Oleksandr Ratushniak)

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PanKe Shava in ŠKODA Drive Show

Scoda drive show

PanKe Shava is playing on Maydan Nezalezhnosti (Kyiv, Ukraine) in ŠKODA Drive Show.

7th and 8th of September.

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Press conference with PanKe Shava at Bandershtat festival


The performance in Lutsk for us is a performance for the native audience, native territory, the people who will listen to us. Lutsk for me - is my second homeland ...

... We have just arrived from Przystanek Woodstock festival, we will play for the first time at Bandershtat. As I've found out about this festival, I liked that it has not only music orientation but ideological. I am a vegetarian, I do not smoke and do not drink, and the territory free of smoking and alcohol - its a big plus. I am honored that there is such a festival in Ukraine that promotes this idea ... "

Read further:


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Bandershtat festival


Thank you, Lutsk! We love you so much!

Some photo here: http://www.volynpost.com/news/

And on our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/

Wideo: Just Tell

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Interview with PanKe Shava at Przystanek Woodstock

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Przystanek Woodstock

Przystanek Woodstock

It was amazing!



https://www.facebook.com/ (Dominik Malik)

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PanKe Shava live na Przystanek Woodstock!

Juz dzisiaj koncert PanKe Shava bedzie transmitowany w internet

http://owsiaknet.pl/ lub tutaj http://youtube.com/owsiaknet

kanal 2


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The first press conference at Przystanek Woodstock

Przystanek Woodstock

The first press conference on Przystanek Woodstock has taken place at Poznań Railway Station.

PanKe Shava's performance during it was described as "intrygującą mieszanką rock'n'rolla z folkowymi naleciałościami".

More you can read here: http://www.fabrykazespolow.pl/


And, of course, Tim has participated in the conference itself.

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