PanKe Shava


PanKe Shava is a striking project in Ukrainian modern music, a favorite and expected guest at many European festivals.

Stylish, hot-tempered, ambitious, but sincere and open guys, they play music that can be described as "rock'n'love" with the elements of ethno music.

One can notice the interest to the roots of rock-and-roll in the work of the band. Trying to find their own sound, they were inspired by everything wild, exciting and spontaneous that can be found in rock music.

The band uses not only the juicy rock palette, but such instrumental highlights as a violin, trumpet and xylophone. It makes them quite recognizable among the other rock music representatives.

The cornerstone of the band is the lyrics, and the lyrics with a particular philosophy will strike your ears at once. Their every text is the message to people who are seeking for the answers and every melody inspires with its sincerity and opens the hearts.

They are PanKe Shava. Each of them is a talented musician and an outstanding personality. And the main point is that they emit the pure and simple drive that comes from within.


Tymofiy Morokhovets – guitar, vocals Katia Perekopska – violin Vadym Poltorak – bass guitar, backing vocals

Pavlo Gvozdetskyi – keyboard, vocals Andrii Vashchenko – drums Nikita Perekopskyi – trumpet

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